Polls: Scottish Independence 19 Seat Majority at Holyrood

In the latest Scottish Elections Poll (released via The Scotsman and Savanta ComRes) predictions for the Scottish Parliament results in May show Independence supporting parties achieving a 19 seat majority at Holyrood.

Scottish Election (Holyrood) Poll (11/3/21). Seat estimate.

SNP 64 (+1)
CON 30 (-1)
LAB 20 (-4)
GRN 10 (+4)
LD 5 (-)

Independence Majority: 19

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The poll, conducted for The Scotsman by Savanta ComRes, interviewed 1,009 Scottish adults aged 16 and over between March 5 and 10.

SOURCE: https://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/snp-no-longer-set-for-holyrood-majority-new-poll-shows-3161708

*Image source credit Lorna M Campbell
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