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Investing in Scotland’s Entrepreneurs

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced new support today to help drive entrepreneurial networks so that budding entrepreneurs can use them to share ideas, experience and seek support, investment and expertise.

A total of £650,000 funding will be provided through Entrepreneurial Scotland – an organisation that aims to inspire and develop Scotland’s people to build the most entrepreneurial society in the world.

The First Minister made the announcement at the Impact Summit, part of first Scotland CAN DO festival, at Barras Art and Design in Glasgow. The event brought together around 400 entrepreneurial leaders, change makers and innovators to share their ideas.

She said:

“Scotland is known for its vision as a world-leading entrepreneurial and innovative nation, one in which growth and innovation go hand-in-hand with fair work and delivering in a way which benefits everyone.

“We want Scotland to be a country that is at the forefront of social and technological progress – to invent, design and manufacture the technologies and products of the future – not simply to consume them. And we want to do all of that in a way which benefits all of society.”

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Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing

Scotland is the first country in the world to implement minimum unit pricing for alcohol.

There will be a minimum 50 pence per unit price to tackle the damage caused by cheap, high strength alcohol.

Research shows the minimum unit pricing is expected to save 392 lives in the first five years of implementation.

The First Minister said:

“I am extremely proud that the eyes of the world will once again be on Scotland with the introduction of this legislation

Our action is bold and it is brave, and shows once again that we are leading the way in introducing innovative solutions to public health challenges.

It’s no secret that Scotland has a troubled relationship with alcohol. There are, on average, 22 alcohol-specific deaths every week in Scotland, and 697 hospital admissions and behind every one of these statistics is a person, a family, and a community badly affected by alcohol misuse.

Given the clear and proven link between consumption and harm, minimum unit pricing is the most effective and efficient way to tackle the cheap, high strength alcohol that causes so much damage to so many families.”

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