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  • Bernie Sanders is a Genius: Here’s Why
    Writer Article by Kat Cary 09/04/20: U.S. Politics 2020 Presedential Election I knew that this was coming, but the timing seemed off. About an hour before the campaign livestream, news broke that […]
  • Declaration of Arbroath Anniversary 2020
    April the 6th 2020 marks the 700th Anniversary of The Declaration of Arbroath and the claim of right of an Independent and sovereign Scotland. ANNIVERSARY FILM (Charlie Stuart / Lesley Riddoch) […]
  • History of The Scottish Parliament
    2019 marks the 20th Anniversary of the current Scottish Parliament at Holyrood in Edinburgh. A special event marking the opening of the parliament is taking place on Saturday 29th June 2019 and […]
  • The McCrone Report
    “The McCrone report is a document on the Scottish economy written and researched in 1974 on behalf of the British Government. It was composed by Professor Gavin McCrone employed at the Scottish […]