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First Minister writes to PM about lack of interaction with Scottish Govt on Brexit

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has written to the Prime Minister about the role of the devolved administrations in talks on the future trade relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union. Full text of letter: Dear Theresa, I recognise that this is a critical week for Brexit, ahead of the European Council at the […]Read More »

Joint statement by the First Ministers of Scotland and Wales - EU Exit Debate

Scotland and Wales unite to voice dismay at UK Government’s approach. “Today, for the first time in the 20-year history of devolution, the National Assembly for Wales and the Scottish Parliament, voted simultaneously to oppose a damaging no deal Brexit. Read Nicola Sturgeon’s opening speech at the debate: “The vast majority of Members across […]Read More »

First Minister Speech on Brexit (5 March 2019)

Nicola Sturgeon’s speech at the Scottish Parliament debate on Brexit (5 March 2019) The Scottish Parliament and Welsh Parliament are holding simultaneous sessions today (with debating and voting) calling on the uk govt to act on brexit – “We have been brought together by our dismay – bordering now on despair – at the UK […]Read More »

The McCrone Report

“The McCrone report is a document on the Scottish economy written and researched in 1974 on behalf of the British Government. It was composed by Professor Gavin McCrone employed at the Scottish Office. The document gave a highly favourable projection for the economy of an independent Scotland with a “chronic surplus to a quite embarrassing […]Read More »

Nicola Sturgeon speech at France's Assemblée Nationale

THE First Minister is in France to talk up Scotland as an “open and outward-looking country”. She was addressing the Foreign Affairs Committee at the Assemblée Nationale in Paris. She is also there to officially open the Scottish Government’s hub office in city. It is an honour to be invited to this committee. As my […]Read More »

Calls for EU nationals to stay in Scotland

First Minister: UK Brexit deal is ‘self-defeating.’ The Scottish Government will increase its efforts to encourage EU citizens to remain in Scotland, the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will confirm in an address to the Assemblée Nationale, the lower house of the French Parliament, as she describes the UK’s decision to end Freedom of Movement as […]Read More »

Brexit threat to jobs

Warning that ‘no deal’ will harm Scotland’s economy. The UK Government must agree to extend Article 50 and rule out ‘no deal’ Brexit, which risks imposing severe economic damage and rising unemployment on Scotland, Constitutional Relations Secretary Michael Russell said. Article Source: The Scottish Government will continue to act wherever possible to minimise and […]Read More »

Brexit: Joint statement by First Ministers of Scotland and Wales

Last week, the Scottish and Welsh Governments were invited to attend a UK government cabinet committee for the first time. We have repeatedly pressed the UK government to engage fully with us on its preparations for the UK leaving the EU and we will continue to contribute as fully as possible to the work of […]Read More »

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